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Retail Services

Don't let your troublesome PC or laptop keep you down! CompuGig has the expertise to fix whatever problems you send our way. Our technical staff looks forward to servicing your computer needs whether you are plagued by viruses, hard drive crash or just a slow system.


Diagnostic - $69 We will check your PC or laptop for what ails it. That includes checking for such threats as viruses, SpyWare and other MalWare that cause your computer to run slowly. We also check any hardware issues you may be experiencing including problems stemming from your hard drive, CDROM, memory, power supply and more.

Performance enhancement service-$159 Includes “Basic Diagnostic” plus removal of all viruses, SpyWare and MalWare that is causing your PC to run slowly. We will then install CompuGig's applications including AntiVirus and AntiSpyware software to keep your computer out of trouble in the future.

System rebuild-$225 Includes “Basic Diagnostic” plus we will completely overhaul your operating system by returning it to its factory defaults. Then we apply all Microsoft patches and services packs then follow it up CompuGig's applications including AntiVirus and AntiSpyware.

System rebuild with data backup and restore-$295 Includes “System rebuild” but we backup and restore your valuable data. In addition, we triple-virus scan your data so you'll be sure your data is virus free!

Wireless Home Network Setup-$159 Do you have a new wireless router and are unsure how to set it up? We can help! Our Wireless Home Network Setup Includes installing your wireless router and enabling security so that outsiders or neighbors can't use your internet. This also prevents others from hacking into your computer and accessing your private files. Keep your data safe...trust the experts at CompuGig! Includes up to 3 PCs or laptops

House call-$159 A few issues can't be resolved at our shop. In those cases a house call is necessary. We will come out to your home to diagnose a problem with a PC or laptop. Our house call includes “Basic Diagnostic” service and one hour labor.


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